Abbas Ghanbarloo (Persian: عباس قنبرلو, born October 20, 1994) is a content creator, watch expert and horology writer. He became interested in timepieces at the age of 24. Then a year later, lunched the About Watch Instagram page, in which he produced contents. He was so interested in the world of watch, even  he  changed his job and entered the watch market. Not only did he have a bad experience in it, but he also didn’t give up. So he focused on producing contents  about watches.
At the end of 2021, he decided to create  the watch website, with the help of his co-founder and friend Leon Elegant. They have begun a new journey… . 

Photo: Mohammad Gholami

About Timepieces

Abbas Ghanbarloo
Photo: Mohammad Gholami

When I became interested in timepieces (wrist watches, pocket watches, clocks, etc), they were just a timekeeping devices for me, but soon the notion of these pieces changed for me. They were no longer just a dials, hands and movements … . They also weren’t even stylish tools. The definition of watches from any genre altered for me and I looked at them as an art, the art of watchmaking. So I started to research about Timepieces. Every seconds of moment of my life is more tied to them. 

All the years that I have been creating content in the world of watches, I always visualized a media in my mind. My whole goal was to raise the level of watchmaking culture in Iran until I met my good friend Leon Elegant through music. We decided to start a media together as co-founders. Finally, named it WATCHOPHILE. Watchophile means a person who’s interested in watches. At Watchophile, We do our best to develop a standard media and we review most of the specialized topics in the world of Horology. Our goal is to familiarize Watchophiles with specialized and basic topics. Most of our workflow at Watchophile is now textual content in the world of luxury watches. Subjects are expertly and carefully review on our radar so that the information is properly conveyed to our audience. Soon our content will be in the form of podcasts and videos.

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